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We are a group of gun enthusiasts that offer general use firearms and high end items at a direct to you price:

We offer all the best firearms from the best in the industry. Buy the gun you want with the options you want at a most competitive price.

Vantage SBR

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Vantage Rifle

Vantage Rifle Shop Now $1795.00

Sportsman Rifle

Sportsman Rifle Shop Now $1665.00

Patrol Rifle

Patrol Rifle Shop Now $1210.00

Breacher Shotgun

Breacher Shotgun Shop Now $1170.00

Please note: If a firearm purchaser does not have a Federal Firearms License, federal law requires that the firearm be shipped to a local FFL dealer, who can then transfer the firearm to the purchaser. We will only ship to a valid FFL holder.